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Partners do their own projects, as far as possible embedded in our overall programme 'spotlight on sustainable agriculture'. This programme comprises four subprogrammes. They are:

  • Action-research, aimed at practical applications to stimulate natural cycles in agriculture at different levels (soil, company, eco-region, global footprint);
  • An organised and professionally supported network of working groups and intervision groups that create new eco-regions as they learn and work together;
  • The so-called Network Academy: a country-covering network of entrepreneurs, organisations and institutes offering custom-fit courses, training and workshops focussed on restoring natural cycles in agriculture and healthy food. Subjects range form fertile soil management via Farming Systems/Permaculture, SCA’s to personal development and organisational development spread around the Netherlands;
  • A Communication programme, including symposia, newsletters, CD’s about what we are doing and about new knowledge.
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