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Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is all about the quality of life of animals. Every animal that doesn't live in its natural habitat has to adapt to its environment. An animal will feel most at home in an environment in which it can show its natural behaviour, express its own particular characteristics and if it has sufficient room for that. Nutrition, care, housing and treatment therefore have an influence on the well-being of kept animals.

For those who look after animals the level of awareness about these issues, combined with specific knowledge about additional support for animals, will determine the well-being of the animals. But consumers also have a direct influence on the welfare of farm animals. If they buy more welfare friendly products, they will ensure that more animals can be kept welfare friendly.

At NVLV you will find people who work with a variety of animal species (e.g. dairy cattle, pigs and horses) and aim for optimal animal welfare. Everybody has their own take on this, but there are nevertheless a lot of similarities and interfaces with most of the other themes.

Related themes are vital nutrition, vital water, health, radiation, complementary medicine, biodiversity, permaculture, anastasia, new science and spirituality.
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